A ‪‎Press Conference was held on Thursday, September 17, to unveil Ecumen’s report for Ecommerce startups – ‘The Magic Book of Ecommerce Spells’ which is India’s first ever comprehensive report on the ecommerce industry. It is a report that’s both, a thorough analysis of the Indian ecommerce market and a step-by-step guide on how to achieve success.

The report reveals the hard truth of failures of ecommerce startups in the last three years and gives insights on what one needs to do in order to succeed. The report has numerous case studies on successful players like Urban Ladder, Jabong, McDonald’s and likes.

The Magic Book of E-commerce Spells is based on the survey of 500+ ecommerce companies. The report delivers a wealth of insights on the Indian ecommerce scenario with a special focus on major ecommerce success stories. It is the definitive guide to Indian ecommerce market backed by an in-depth analysis.

The report highlights factors driving growth across individual ecommerce categories and offers practical solutions on how you can meet various challenges you face. These extensive insights will help you build a competitive advantage to increase your market-share in the evolving ecommerce landscape.

Key Findings of the Report-

  • Pricing and logistics strategies will prove to be a game-changer
  • Technology will offer competitive advantage more than ever
  • Ecommerce players will grow in niche categories
  • VCs give great importance to the team behind a startup
  • Digital marketing spend will increase multi-fold
  • Shift towards inbound techniques rather than outbound

Features of The Report

This report takes a very close look at the Indian ecommerce landscape. It explores in detail the individual category breakdown across various verticals and reveals market share analysis of key players. The report also offers solutions on how you too can utilize those strategies to grow. The report explores the following areas:

  • Overview of factors driving the ecommerce growth in India
  • Category break-down of current ecommerce industry
  • Detail analysis of each retail category
  • 26+ case studies of Indian E-commerce leaders

How will the report benefit you?

More than 80% ecommerce startups fail. This report dramatically reduces your chances of failure.

An ecommerce business will typically have key functions like Technology, Operations, Digital Marketing, Logistics, Finance etc. When starting up, most entrepreneurs only have understanding/expertise of one or two of these functions. This lack of preparedness is the cause of high failure rate in startups.

The report reveals critical strategies of major Indian ecommerce players and provides you an indispensible manual to succeed. It is a step-by-step guide for ecommerce startups and established players on how best to navigate the online market and create a spectacular success.

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