Learning from mistakes!

Last year during Diwali Sale, one of the most renowned ecommerce companies of India, Snapdeal handled 30 orders per second. Even better, this year in a weekly festive sale, they managed to handle around 300 orders per second. This online marketplace has incorporated new marketing strategies to handle huge traffic on their website and to attend millions of customers. With the help of different tools and analytics, they estimated the demands of the stocks and also ensured the availability of sufficient stocks. To cope up with the huge flow of traffic during festivals, Snapdeal has kept a team of 1500 engineers as well.

Who can understand the importance of learning from one’s mistakes better than Flipkart? Flipkart faced harsh criticism for unavailability of products and jacked-up prices during the Big Billion Day last year. Compared to that, this year they were able to handle more than double visitors with only a few minor glitches. According to Ankit Nagori, the Chief Business Officer at Flipkart, this year Flipkart has definitely done bigger and better than in 2014 in terms of sales.

Now comes the third largest ecommerce player – Amazon. It has always been known for using the right mix of technology and data analytics to aid its massive sales. They often use such strategies and tactics during biggest ecommerce festivals such as Cyber Monday, Black Friday, Prime Day (in US), etc. and use their global learning for their India operations. Their Great Indian Festive Sale was two times bigger than The Great Indian Freedom Sale (August, 2015).

It’s not that every current major ecommerce player hasn’t made mistakes, they definitely have but their learning from them is what helps them do better and re-think their strategies to succeed the next time. Let’s have a look at some important amends and updates made by these ecommerce players:

  • This July, Snapdeal refreshed their user interface on all three platforms – web, app and WAP. This was carried out in order to give the user interface a refreshing look, make navigation easier than before and focus more on the visuals.
  • ShopClues has strengthened their technology to handle twenty times more traffic on their ecommerce marketplace than earlier. They have also started ShopClues Connect to bridge up the direct communication between customers and sellers.
  • To make their supply chain stronger in comparison to that of the last year, Flipkart has updated their delivery team from 9000 in the last year to 20000.
  • Amazon is working with many NGOs in rural India so that they can establish the rural distribution centers over there. Due to their fast updates and technology-manpower advancements, they could make it possible to deliver the order by 11.00 am for an order placed at midnight during The Great Indian Festive Sale.

In a nutshell, the success of ecommerce festive sales depends majorly on how you play your cards. But it is more important to play the technology card first because it is the foundation of your entire online marketplace.