Mobile Ecommerce – The Skyrocket to Increase Your Profits

“Shopping through mobile is really a mind-blowing experience” – says Mr. Michael D’Souza, who is a leading businessman.
“Mcommerce is really a boon for me as I can order things in just few minutes and clicks. As it offers various payment options, it is convenient too.”- says Mrs. Helen Smith, who is a housewife.

Over the last couple of years, technology has brought a significant advancement in the business world. The mobile phones which were earlier used to attend calls and sending messages have now turned into smartphones and become electronic wallets in the user’s pocket. Today the mobile online marketing service is one of the latest and innovative marketing trends to reach the potential customers.

Here a Question Pops up in Your Mind: Why Mobile Commerce?

“According to a research, globally, consumers are expected to spend $119 billion by 2015 through their mobile phones, accounting for about 8% of all ecommerce activities. By the end of 2012, the number of smartphone users around the world had exceeded one billion.”

It is clear from the above fact that in coming years, Mcommerce will really become a new frontier of ecommerce. Mobile ecommerce marketing service is like an umbrella which offers several benefits to make your business achieve northbound success. With selling products online, the companies can also promote their products through the platform of mobile devices and can inform clients about special offers & discounts. This leads to better responses from your potential customers. It is also an easier and cost effective way than any other ecommerce solutions.

A Mobile Website Is Not a Luxury, but Has Become a Necessity

“The typical mobile user checks his or her smartphone around 40 times a day—that’s 40 opportunities to shop!” says Petra Jung, Head of Mobile Shopping at eBay Europe.

Mobile commerce has made browsing experience seamless and user-friendly for consumers. Along with purchasing products online, buyers are also reviewing products, making pre-purchase research, make price comparisons and check for available deals through use of mobile devices. It is beneficial for any type of businesses as the mobile users are increasing day by day, so through Mcommerce your business gets large and growing market place for wide range of goods and services.

More Opportunities for Mobile E-Tailers in the Future

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M-commerce is the recent boom in E-commerce which is on an edge of becoming a multi-billion dollar industry. This is a perfect time to seize the opportunity and increase your revenue. With the mobile websites, customers can do shopping in just a few clicks and that is the reason why a large number of people are opting for smartphones. Even those who have computers often prefer to use their mobiles for shopping. Hence mcommerce online marketing services can help the companies to extend their reach to a large number of target audiences.

So are you still in two minds whether to opt or not for Mobile ecommerce marketing services? If your business website is not optimized for mobile devices, and your competitors have adopted it then you are surely losing a lot of things, as the number of sales through m-commerce is growing at a fast pace. Therefore, get ready to jump on the mobile e-commerce bandwagon!

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