Multichannel Ecommerce Marketing: A Bridge to Success

From last couple of years, online sales are escalating and ecommerce marketing has become invaluable. It has become the backbone for most online business activities. These days, it is no secret that each business is opting for various online marketing services. But among all, developing strong multichannel ecommerce has proved to be a messiah in online marketing. It helps retailers extend their reach and widen opportunities so that they always stay ahead in the market.

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In the below article we will see how multichannel ecommerce marketing is beneficial for businesses who are willing to succeed quickly in this competitive web world.

The Multi-Channel Ecommerce Opportunity

“In a recent study, it has been observed that over the last few months online shopping witnessed a lot of adhesion. India has almost 130 million online users at present and almost 10% of them are actively engaged in online transactions. The base is expected to move ahead 300 million in the next 2 or 3 years. The scenario itself provides a large scope of opportunities for businesses. And all this can be achieved with the incorporation of competent multichannel eCommerce strategies.”

The above study shows that going multichannel is a perfect solution to meet targets and make the most of various opportunities. Retailers want to respond proficiently to their buyers’ developing demands, and are taking the plunge into multichannel marketing. Not just large retailers, but medium and small businesses are also utilizing several channels to meet the expectations of the consumers. Multichannel ecommerce marketing gives higher exposure, which in turn leads to extra sales. Businesses have their web-stores, but they branch out to sites like eBay,, Flipcart etc. to reach out to more potential customers. Many businesses that started with single channel ecommerce marketing strategy are nowadays, looking for newer opportunities, to expand their businesses online. This shows that they are shifting towards selling on multiple channels.

“In another study of over 500 retail and enterprise businesses, it has been found that 38.4% of respondents classified “multi-channel customers” as significantly more profitable.”

Advantages of Using Multichannel Ecommerce

Selling through multiple online marketing services can enhance opportunities for your business in several ways.

• It increases your prominence on the World Wide Web
• It helps to quickly upgrade technical options of different channels
• It maximizes online sales and enlarges the client base
• It draws customer attention. Always.
• It helps to easily meet the requirements of the visitor
• It helps to control your stock
• It saves you a lot of time
• It helps you give quick responses to clients
• Businesses can get updates real time
• Enables keeping track of your buyer’s purchasing activities

“Recent studies have shown that customers who buy from two different online channels are between 20% and 60% valued, while triple-channel buyers are 60-125% more appreciated!”

A multi-channel ecommerce marketing strategy is definitely an ideal tool that will maximize your profits. If used effectively, it meets customer expectations and builds overall loyalty of customer base. For better enhancement, hire a reputed and prominent ecommerce consultant agency. They will provide you detailed information and give you a perfect idea about going multichannel. So get started now as there is no other better time to go multichannel with your growing business.

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