Never-failing e-mail strategy for combating cart abandonment

Being in ecommerce sector, you spend a million of bucks every day after marketing your business and to attract potential customers. But have you looked back at your site whether it has gotten proper ecommerce development? Whether it has a user-friendly design? Whether it has right navigation? Whether the checkout page is designed in a way that it can convince your site visitors and turn them into customers?

Do you know that improper checkout page design may result in cart abandonment? Well there might be some other issues as well but this is the key reason behind shopping cart abandonment. There might be some issues with your ecommerce website development that result in cart abandonment. You need to shoot these issues as soon as you can. Apart from this, you can also learn to write a perfect e-mail which can help you reduce the shopping cart abandonment. To know what you should include in your e-mail, go through this infographic:



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Courtesy: SaleCycle