Around the world, there are numerous website development companies who provide ecommerce web development services. In such a scenario, a question often come across our brains while talking to brand owners, “Do that many people really shop online?” Well, yes. Online is soon going to give offline retail a run for its money. And we’re not just saying it, here are a few stats.

The internet has changed many aspects of life, but perhaps more so than how we shop for goods and services. While it’s still nice to stop by a store and see products, the convenience of shopping online can’t be overstated. And for some services like booking travel or movie tickets, the ability to do so online has made the process much easier and more efficient.

Online Shoppers by Area
Asia Pacific is being eyed as the region with the maximum scope- as second and third world economies are improving fast.











Top 5 Things People Intend to Buy Online in the Near Future
Books and clothing will continue to top the list in the next 6 months. However airline ticket, tours and hotel reservations is also a huge category.











Most Critical Audience
One of the great benefits of online shopping is reading and writing reviews, be they of experts or fellow shoppers. These opinions are the most important when it comes to purchasing electronics. 57% of online respondents consider reviews prior to buying. Reviews on cars (45%) and software (37%) rounded out the top 3 influencers when making a purchase.











How Much of Total Monthly Spending is made Online
As you can see, East almost equals West in this one, and with the furthering of internet penetration in remote places, it will increase even further.


Source: Global Trends in Online Shopping I Nielson Global Consumer Report