Quick tweaks: Proven to hold your website visitors – I

Tired of experimenting so many different tricks for your ecommerce marketing? Wondering why don’t you get enough conversions even after doing probably everything for your ecommerce website development? If yes, then you need to focus more on your ecommerce portal and to take care of some very tiny yet important things that can actually hold your customers and allow them to leave only after making a purchase. Here are some quick tweaks for the same:

Quick Tweak # 1

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Fast load time is most important for any website. Especially, when you are running an online marketplace, what would you show to your visitors if the website is not loaded quickly and the page has no product or service on display? Also, it irritates the shoppers if some products are loading while browsing.

Quick Tweak # 2

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Along with displaying a variety of products on your page, also add a product suggestion. Try emphasizing certain products by highlighting them over the others on that page. It is psychologically believed that when a human being is given more choices, the chances of purchase are lessened. Also, people will feel attended when they will be given a recommendation which may help them easily make a decision.

Quick Tweak # 3

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Buttons, Call To Action (CTAs) and links are easy to click if they have larger click area rather than the small ones which can irritate the shoppers and eventually, make them return without buying anything from your ecommerce portal.

Quick Tweak # 4

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Try to include social proof instead of praising your own business and clients. Nobody is interested in reading lengthy boring paragraphs, so it is advisable to add testimonials of your clients about your service to them. Such endorsement on your website would add trust among the visitors and they’ll think upon making a purchase from your website.

Quick Tweak # 5

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Go direct while writing a CTA for your visitors! Use ‘Buy Now’, ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Click Here’ rather than allowing your audience to buy it later or bookmark it. The chances are that they go once and would never return again! People often forget what they have saved to buy later from a particular portal.

Quick Tweak # 6

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It is the most irritating thing when people are asked to insert the same info which they have already provided to you in the past. They obviously won’t like if you ask them again for the same. Pre-filling forms for the customers would reduce their efforts. Use smart defaults for inserting details for them and you can always ask them whether they want to change it.

Quick Tweak # 7

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As per a psychological study, we are attracted more towards avoiding losses than acquiring gains. So try to convince people to make a purchase by showing them a fear of losing something they already have instead of tempting to get something which they don’t have.

Quick Tweak # 8

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At the time of making a purchase, reassure your shoppers instead of assuming that everything is okay. It is a successful conversion tactic to show some reassurances such as ‘100% Secure’, ‘Free Shipping’, ‘Cash on Delivery’, ‘20 Day Return Policy’, etc. This trick will stop the shoppers from giving a second thought to their purchase.

With these tips, you can have a perfect user interface not only to hold your customers on the site but also to drive more conversions. We couldn’t cover all the tips here but will soon share the second part of this article. Keep reading, there’s more on the way!