Quick tweaks: Proven to hold your website visitors – II

After the much appreciated version of Quick Tweaks, we are back again with the second part of the same. These Quick Tweaks would help you hold the visitors on your online marketplace with great ease. So let’s begin:

Quick Tweak # 1


Gifting something to anybody is a nice thing to convince that person for buying possibly anything right from a needle to a car. So for example, if you want your customers to sign up for your ecommerce website, then try to convince them by gifting goodies instead of closing a sale right away.

Quick Tweak # 2


It is one of the most important things for any website that its layout is responsive and not static. On the screen of any shape and size, your website should adjust automatically. People would never like scrolling your webpage. There are chances that due to their bad experience on your website, they may avoid making purchase from your site in the future.

Quick Tweak # 3


Always keep your copy concise and to the point. There is no need to use unnecessary words which according to you, might convince people to be on your website and make a purchase. So try to condense your copy but at the same time, it must grab the visitor’s attention, for which, it needs to be subtle, stark and striking all at the same time.

Quick Tweak # 4


Are you keeping your products to be visible to everyone or are restricting it for a particular group of audience? Tell your audience that particularly for whom your offerings are. There may be a risk that you are restricting your potential customers but at the same time, by being transparent, you build a high level of trust among the customers.

Quick Tweak # 5


Your webpage should not be flooded with different links otherwise it would resist your customers from selecting anything from your site and result in no-purchase. So don’t let your people get redirected or distracted to some other page or product through such links.

Quick Tweak # 6


Go for opt-out strategy over opt-in strategy because the opt-out strategy offers a chance to the customers to change their choice. In this way, you would not force your customers to make them do what you want but rather, they can choose whether they want to do it or not. (For example: to sign up or not, to make a purchase or not, etc.) This also enables you to decode their buying behavior by knowing what they want and what they don’t.

Quick Tweak # 7


Try playing the urgency trick. Convince your audience for purchasing the product by informing them that only two pieces of it are left. Prompting that if they wouldn’t buy it now, they would not have a chance to purchase it, maybe you can say the product is going out of stock or it might not be available at the same discounted price again.

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