Reality of ecommerce in India

As of June 2012, India has 137 million internet users but unfortunately, penetration of ecommerce is poor when it is compared to the US or UK markets. Experts believe that India is standing at the tipping point from where the ecommerce scenario is going to improve drastically. Let us look at the key factors which will drive the current ecommerce growth in India.

High-speed internet connection – With an expansion of broadband internet networks in rural and urban areas, Indians are increasingly becoming aware of different advantages of internet.

High disposable income – India’s economy is booming and the middle class has got more disposable income than before. They are actually ready to try out new and unexplored options.

Busy Lifestyle – Today no one has enough time and patience to visit a mall to buy everyday items. Online availability of products saves the pain and offers a wider range of products than a typical brick and mortar shop. So today, the physical shops are going for ecommerce web development to spread their impact in online space.

Popularity of ecommerce portals – Sites like ebay, Flipkart, Infibeam have revolutionized the online retail segment and have led to a positive atmosphere for the ecommerce market in India.

Increasing awareness – Over the years the number of literate people has grown in the country which has led to overall general awareness about the internet and online transactions. Even the Government has started enforcing stricter cyber laws thereby decreasing the number of online fraud cases. This in turn has instilled confidence in the netizens.

India has always been considered a software giant. With an increase in internet savvy population coupled with growing economy, the current state of ecommerce in India looks promising. So it is better to go online and meet one of the great ecommerce consultants to get your ecommerce website developed.