We share and publish a lot of knowledge material that would make an interesting read for both startups and established brands alike.
The data is simple to understand, mostly pictorial, extremely insightful, and very relevant from the Indian perspective. It spans varied topics, from case studies of our Consultancy clients to latest updates in the arena of Indian ecommerce. Download here:

Case Study - Photo Orange

CASE STUDY 1: A Case Study in Competition Analysis for an established photobook brandís entry into overseas markets [Booklet]

Case Study - AGS

CASE STUDY 2: A Case Study in Market Research for a new brand entering into the branded perfume space  via an e-tail venture  [Booklet]


CASE STUDY 3: A Case Study of Suresafety – Industrial Safety goods. Detailed study of scope online security business in india. [Booklet]


CASE STUDY 4: A Case Study of Mithai Ecommerce.Detailed Business Model Advisory for a startup venture in ecommerce portal for sweets. [Booklet]


CASE STUDY 5: A Case Study in Digital Marketing for bringing profits in ecommerce to India’s largest chair manufacturer [Booklet]

Case Study - Social Media

SOCIAL MEDIA FOR RESTAURANTS: Customer psyche and our service-strategies menu for local restaurants looking for some facebook love. [Booklet]

Case Study - Venture Cost Guidelines

VENTURE COST PLANNING GUIDELINE: A comparative price guide for ecommerce start ups  [Report]


A QUICK GUIDE TO SEO: A checklist for any business hoping to drive inquiries through search engine optimization [Booklet]

Case Study - Affiliate

AFFILIATE SELLING GUIDELINE: A handy booklet on all you need to know about selling on India’s top affiliate websites  [Booklet]

Case Study - Apparel

OPPORTUNITIES IN APPAREL E-TAIL: The brand retailer’s first read before entering into ecommerce [Booklet]