Social Media: The Key to Your Portal’s Success

Why Social Media?

You know that social media has become so much popular and is the thing of future. We are living in the times of tweets, tags and diggs. You no longer have to depend on the conventional media to keep yourself updated. Today, the news becomes stale even before it reaches the end user. Especially, when you are an ecommerce portal or online marketplace, you need to leverage the popularity of social media.

Take the case of, a B2B marketplace providing office stationery products. They used Twitter to create the buzz about their latest stationery products. They successfully reached 1.6 Lakh tweeples in just 20 days and increased their followers by 50% during the same period.


Another good example is GoDaddy’s ‘cup of coffee’ campaign. The company engaged people from three cities – Hyderabad, Mumbai and New Delhi through Social Media. If we talk about multinational companies then Dell was all over the news for using Twitter to promote sales of Dell Vostro.

The above cases are not just a flash in the pan. Ecommerce portals like Flipkart, Myntra and Amazon have already dominated the mindscape of their TG. So what are you waiting for?

Social Media Strategy

No matter what your company does or how big or small it is you will always need a social media strategy. Social media is a level playing field where every move can be crucial for your business. If you want to stay on top of your competition you need to work out the best social media strategy.The above mentioned example proves the efficacy of Social Media marketing.

Brand Awareness

You might not be the market leader but you can still generate enough sales of your products. How? By building brand awareness of your brand. Yes, it is very important that you cement the position of your brand using online media.Start creating engaging content on Facebook, go viral on YouTube or influence the influencers on Twitter. Do whatever it takes tocommand your target audience’s attention and use it to your advantage. Ultimately, it all boils down to the impression you have created in your TG’s mind. If people don’t remember you it means you don’t exist.

Fans will Market You

If a potential customer is considering buying your product, he will probably go through your website content, your blog, your Facebook posts and your tweets.So it becomes necessary that you have crisp and accurate content about your products. Ofcourse, it will take some time to have your own fan following but once you have them they will spread the word about your brand and stand by it. Soon you will be seen as a trustworthy and authentic brand. Now that’s directly proportional to sales, right?

Customer Support System

Once your product has been purchased the customer may have a query or grievance regarding the sold merchandize. They are most likely to express their feelings/queries through their social media account. So it’s very important for you to be there when they are talking about you.

Here’s an example from Myntra’s twitter timeline, you will see how nicely they are handling their clients.


Measures Your Success

What gets measured gets managed, with Social Media you can measure your success click by click. This is why leading brands and advertising agencies are switching to Social Media platform because of transparency and fidelity of the system. Pay Per Click has become the norm of the day. It is helping many companies to socialize and communicate effectively. Obviously for anyone who is new to Social Media, the analytics part can be a bit overwhelming. But there are ecommerce consultants and agencies which can help you with all this technical nitty-gritty.


Social Media is fairly cheap (from economic point of view) and effective tool to promote your brand. It plays even more decisive role when you are a start-up and can’t spend huge amount of money on traditional marketing techniques. An ecommerce consulting services provider can guide you with respect to social media strategy and implementation.