Stop pressuring your shoppers to sign-up to newsletter

While running your ecommerce business, of course you would wish that more and more people see your offerings, come to your store and buy from there. For this, you might have newsletter subscription so that you can send regular deals and offers to your shoppers and increase the chances of transactions.

Well, it is good to encourage people to sign-up to your newsletter but sometimes, it becomes forceful for them! And it ends up with poor customer experience and overall damaged business. We have some better ways with which you can convince them for signing-up the newsletter without losing on the conversion rate:

Add some engaging content

Provide value to the subscribers. Everyone provides offers and deals, what is so unique? Think something beyond discounts. If your newsletter lacks rich and gripping content, then nobody would read or subscribe it. You need to step out of you and your products. Give updates on your sector or you can also give them inspiration. For example, consider that you’re selling furniture online. In this case, you can give interior design inspiration to your subscribers.

Tell them what they’ll get!

You would find many such newsletters that don’t have an aim of signing up. Why would somebody register for it, then? Better you tell the subscribers what they would get if they sign up for it. At the same time, make sure that the reason also seems compelling and sensible. Have a look at some best CTAs:

  • Get our tips straight to your inbox and become a better Marketing Manager.
  • Start selling your products in 3 easy steps.
  • Be the first to receive this FREE sample.
  • Get to know the best 3 colours for your living room.
  • What brands does SRK wear? To know, subscribe our newsletter.

Make ‘unsubscribe’ easy

Making it difficult for people to unsubscribe your newsletter is not going to help you. If they can’t unsubscribe, they would either ignore your e-mails or mark it as spam. In both the cases, you can’t do anything! The worst part is that if many people mark your newsletter as spam, your brand will be blacklisted and you will lose the credibility. Nothing from this is going to help you increase your conversions.

All the tips above are common but in the process of engaging customers, these tiny things are sometimes forgotten. So keep these things in mind and boost up your ecommerce business.