Things 2015 has in store for ecommerce brands

An article in Economic Times says ecommerce sales in India will touch $7.69 bn in 2015, which is 45% growth. Also this year, ecommerce companies are expected to give best pay raises to their employees. These facts are enough to suggest that ecommerce is the next big thing that everyone is looking forward to.

After all, everyone is going online, so what are you waiting for?

The Mobile Age

7 out of 10 consumers will shop from Mobile. M-Commerce is the new shopping destination for the enthusiastic buyers. Since the launch of mobile apps by major players like Flipkart, Snapdeal, Amazon and others, the desire to go mobile has only deepened.

The ease of shopping with mobile adds to its popularity. It won’t be wrong if we say that shopping has gone from the physical space to online marketplace to mobile shopping now.

Also, as a bonus, know that online grocery will be the hottest ecommerce growth vertical. So you know what to start if you wish to enter the ecommerce market.

The ‘Social’ factor

The target market of most ecommerce brands is active on social media. The crowd is young and dynamic. They shop online and recommend people to buy online.

Social conversations add value to the way people buy online. Also the buying behavior of the customer can be accessed with the help social media segmentation.

Amazon, the ecommerce giant, allows you to add a product to your cart with just a tweet. Needless to say that other players will soon capitalize on the same and get the social commerce ball rolling.


Brands that sell online as well as in the physical space try to connect the two with promotions. They wish to help the customers who buy in the physical space with companion apps and mobile sites.

Customers shopping online, on mobile, in stores and flipping between them is what today’s trend looks like. And for the ecommerce portals, more channels mean more money.

Video-led Campaigns

Which is the latest ad that you remember? Was it a TVC or did you watch it on digital media? Many brands these days prefer to release their ads in the online space. Video-led campaigns gather attention and help in targeting a niche audience.

A picture speaks hundred words, a video speaks many more. It describes stories that are engaging and help promote your brand better. Short ads are a great tool of marketing as they get viewed often on most social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and get shared frequently.

Exclusive Associations and Flash Sales

Many brands have exclusively associated with ecommerce websites to sell their products. Flipkart associated with Xiaomi and Motorola and achieved great sales. Such associations help both – the brands and the ecommerce portal.

Flash sales and discounts boost up the ecommerce marketing. There is literally a rat race for providing the best ‘Deal of the Day’ and marketing it effectively.


Are we asking you to look forward to holidays? Yes, because retailers in ecommerce run various deals during the festive, celebratory season. And if you don’t compete, you will be losing an opportunity to impress your buyers and earn revenue.

Ecommerce has taken India by a storm and has tremendous potential to grow. Watch out for these trends in 2015 and more to come in future.

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