Top 3 Points you should not miss in Ecommerce Website Development

Ecommerce web development services must excel in three core areas: Efficiency, Ease of Use and Security.  Are you looking to expand your ecommerce business and grow online?

Ecommerce website development demands strategic UX/UI design, development and execution that is best delivered by a combination of expertise and efficiency of an experienced ecommerce website development company. Irrespective of the ecommerce format you may choose, single store or a marketplace, there are 3 critical aspects in ecommerce website development that help sustain your success. Read more to know about these three crucial aspects of ecommerce website development:

Appropriate Ecommerce Platform:

In ecommerce website development, the choice of a platform that offers ease of access, simple, clean navigation and multi-device compatibility is very critical for success. Further more hiring the right ecommerce website development company with expertise and experience in particular ecommerce platform niche is crucial to leverage the benefits of the platform.  Ecommerce websites exists across a wide spectrum from the single product ecommerce to a multi-vendor service marketplace and the one thing that runs common in their success is user-friendliness and ease-of-use.

It is essential to have users at the forefront of your UX/UI design, the various aspects like content, product images, search, navigation and product images all work in unison. This demands an in-depth research about the target customer and their buying cycle behavior, how they search online, type of devices they use to enable better conversions at each level of the online store. Thus content, design, functionality and performance when designed keeping the end consumer in mind cement your chances of success.

It is for this reason that Magento is the most preferred ecommerce website development platform world-wide. The high-performance, scalable ecommerce platform has feature-rich out-of-the-box functionality that help create engaging shopping experiences and enables Magento developers to curate a personalized shopping experience.



A high volume of personal information is provided on ecommerce website with a complete trust that it will not be misused. An ecommerce website must therefore ensure the appropriate steps to secure user’s private data and confidential details of payment and contact details.  It is advisable to have (Secure Socket Layer) SSL/ (Transport Layer Security) TLS and compliance with PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) on your payment pages.

When SSL is on the server, the address URL changes from HTTP to HTTPS and further the address bar in an ecommerce payment page equipped with ‘Extended Validation certificate will turn into green color bar. Adopting SSL/ TSL and compliance with PCI-DSS helps in three major ways:

  • Secured against risks: It not only makes your website more secure, verified and protected, it also reduces your risk to eavesdropping, (Man-in-the-middle attacks) MITM attacks and sniffing attacks.
  • Perceived as safe and secure: Customers also perceive your online store as more safe and secure. It reinforces your credibility, thus users feel more secure in transacting online on your website thereby resulting in higher conversions. Further, it not only increase business authority but also increases the business trust.
  • Meet SEO Guidelines & Boosts SEO: Google has recently updated its Transparency Report that focuses on the use of encryption on Google’s own site and across the web. The search giant also shows active support to industry-wide efforts, like EFF’s ‘Encrypt the Web’ that aims to bring more of the web to HTTPS. Google considers it as a step towards a safe and secure web browsing experience and considers it as one of ranking factors of page rank. Therefore it is a wise decision to shift to HTTPS, SSL/ TLS.


SEO + Digital Marketing:

The competitive landscape of ecommerce website development India demands an appropriate digital marketing partner agency which is sensitive to the unique needs and way of working of the ecommerce market. Apart from optimizing URL, Meta-Tags, images, content, headings, title-tabs, title tabs, it is equally important to follow all of the search engine guidelines as also utilize all the various tools of digital marketing to consistently rank higher in the search social results.

It is not sufficient to do Digital Marketing because doing it right is important. An effective digital marketing strategy help build a sales channel and build a loyal online community. Ecumen, the specialist ecommerce agency helps you with SEO, SMM and works with you to set the right digital marketing for your ecommerce store.


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