Top Google SEO updates to improve your website’s search ranking


The digital world is constantly changing and upgrading. It has become more competitive over the years. If your end goal is to increase your search engine ranking, then you definitely need to keep a track of the Google SEO updates. Google is the pioneer in search marketing, and hence all Google SEO updates are sure to enhance optimization of your website. Thus, this blog explores the latest algorithm updates that can help boost your search engine rankings.

Below mentioned are a few changes in SEO algorithms that lead to Google SEO updates:

  • Google Mobile Friendly update

Introduced in April 2015, this Google SEO update gives a lift to the mobile-friendly site pages in Google’s mobile search results. Google considers your site pages mobile-friendly with the help of its Mobile-Friendly Test Tool.

  • Google Pigeon update

This Google SEO update was introduced in July 2014. This SEO algorithm provides valuable and exact local search results that are attached to conventional web search ranking factors. It also affects search results that appear in Google maps as this update provides search results based on user location and listing in the local directory.

Key new updates related to Pigeon:

  • Strong domains matter
  • Location matters more

  • Google Hummingbird update

This update was introduced around August 2013. This Google SEO update plays a significant role in deciding ranking of websites. The Google Hummingbird update is made up of 200+ factors. One of the major updates in Hummingbird is that it has a special eye on mobile marketing. The name “Hummingbird” was derived because of its ability to be “precise and fast”.

Key new updates related to Hummingbird:

  • Easily recognizes keyword stuffing
  • Use of knowledge graph facts for better search results
  • Application of meaning technology across the web
  • Effectiveness of long-tail keywords

  • Google Penguin update

This Google SEO update was launched around April 2012 to identify the websites that were spamming Google’s search results. The Google Penguin update is mainly aimed at decreasing rankings of websites that use black-hate SEO techniques and violate Google Webmaster Guidelines to increase their search rankings.

  • Google Panda update

Google Panda update was propelled in February 2011. This Google SEO update is known for its powerful search filters that stop sites with low-quality content from appearing in top Google search results. Panda is updated every once in a while to effectively catch sites that were missed out the last time.

Key new updates related to Panda:

  • No pages found with 1-2 paragraphs only
  • No multiple pages found with same keyword
  • No auto-generated content
  • Careful with affiliate links and ads
  • Panda loves new content

Thus, these are a few Google SEO updates that help improve your website’s search ranking. Ecumen is a digital marketing company that keeps itself abreast of all SEO updates.

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