Top vs. Side Ad Performance Segmentation

If anyhow you relate to internet marketing services, you must be aware of Top vs. Side AdWords Report Segment recently introduced by Google Adwords. This would help Advertisers and Agencies to further optimize their campaigns based on the results at different Ad Positions.

We have experienced a drastic improvement in the results for our client on TOP positions (Above the organic results). Even the same is working for Search partners and others.

How to view your Top Vs. side data

To segment your performance data by where your ads appeared on Google and Search Partner search results pages, you simply need to add the Top vs. Side segment to your data table. Here’s how:

1. Select the Campaign, Ad groups, Ads or Keywords tab of your AdWords account.
2. Click the Segment button in the toolbar above your data table.
3. Select Top vs. side from the drop-down. Results will appear in rows beneath each of your ads.