Upgrades In Google Remarketing Make It Simpler For Marketers To Use

While providing different internet marketing services, the digital marketing agencies use different marketing tools. Google Analytics and Google Remarketing are two of the most successfully utilized Google tools by marketers. For some time now, marketers have analyzed the trend of their website visitors through Google Analytics and created a remarketing list, for the ones who are prospective, through Google Remarketing. But you required tagging your website twice, once each for Analytics and Remarketing. It is going to be much simpler now as you can create your customized Remarketing lists or use existing lists right from the much popular Google Analytics platform.

Not only will this reduce the effort of re-tagging the websites, but it will also help you create remarketing lists with ease. Moreover, you can also decide to use your adwords account to remarket to the created list in a matter of a few clicks. Therefore, the ones who have showed interest in your website’s offerings but are still to buy; you can target them with the help of your adwords account.

This is what the Google blog had to say about the recent update “Remarketing with Google Analytics helps you create remarketing lists based on certain audiences who visit your website and show interest in your products, without having to tag your site twice. This can help you more easily create remarketing campaigns to show ads across the Google Display Network (GDN)”.

This beta feature is expected to be rolled out in parts and completely executed by the end of the US summer. Let’s see how that impacts the marketers of the world.