Use social media to drive your ecommerce sales

Businesses have fueled their ecommerce marketing activities by indulging extremely in social media. The result, as such, it remains one of the most recognized ecommerce marketing strategies in today’s world. Its accessibility and usability with frantic presence of major brands gathering likes & shares could be one of the many reasons. So who does not want to be there? Everyone does!

The social media platform unfolds a huge potential for businesses in terms of customer acquisition, brand building, customer feedback & up-selling. A business can leverage heavily if it optimizes the resources in a targeted way or responding to market’s latest disposition. Let us be clear, the directives in any social media guide, do not propel your business in the ever-changing environment and are not concrete but only guides you to focus on the good probability of your actions. So, do not buy yourself a guide that says ‘Steps to social media success’ or something close to that! Moving on.

It makes a business healthy!

Ecommerce business in the last few years have significantly changed the market behavior; taking the conformity away from the traditional business to online businesses. And one of the factors that have augmented the realism of online business is social media. Social media in the eCommerce domain has greatly contributed in bringing harmony between businesses and consumers, an essence that was missing for a long time. Consumers much needed a platform to shower their praises as well cries wherein businesses required brand announcers to help break their commercial pursuits.

How do you turn social media to your benefits?

Basically, you should have the all the important aspects of your ecommerce site enabled with social media tools. A good strategy is to allow your customers to log in to your site by using their social profile. This will generate a great database to hit them with targeted products and marketing tactics.

You should ensure that your pages including home, product, review, shipping & purchase pages have the sharing option enabled to enhance the user experience and that they relish every moment of shopping as their status quo.

Testimonials are valuable assets that cannot be compromised. You can showcase them as they are more reliable and powerful than any of your marketing activities.

Do not oversell your products on social media platforms. It is okay that you market various offers, however, make sure that you are not forcibly penetrating your products into their brains.

Instead of hardcore selling, the better option, that can help you tap consumers is to offer tips, industry insights, discussions, contests etc. to help prosper a community engagement. In this manner, they will be interacting voluntary as brand advocates.

Another idea that can help you drive engagement is to relate your offerings to current affairs, popular TV shows, jokes or can be anything that is the talk of the town to ensure that you’re ultimately flowing with the waves.

Social media is not only restricted to Facebook, LinkedIn or twitter. Regardless to the platform, remember, content is king. And if your photographs and pictures complement it, you’re leading the right way. Photographs and pictures are something that people easily relate to and are also subject to most shares on any platform. It extends the scope to Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr.

The new trend in the market is infographics. It is a pretty cool way to present your ideas, concepts and information. Like the name suggests, they can impart a lot of knowledge in a very short span of time saving both time and interest. This can be shared on social media as well; Pinterest thrives on this art! So don’t forget to include infographics to your ecommerce marketing strategy.

Have something to say? Just say in a sentence. Twitter, one of the most median valued platforms in terms of marketing is no more restricted to texts. It now features tweets that has pictographs or pictures as well. You can re-tweet it too. They look kind of cute!

Most important of all is that all these platforms can be tracked to how successful they are and gives you a figurative idea of future success. They can be measured which lacks in traditional marketing. You loosen up your pockets and you still don’t have any idea to where you stand in the market.

Social media in specific to Facebook can be measured by likes and shares. The more likes you get on your page is more successful you are in your marketing actions. These likes are not only the milky teeth but are the incisors that are grinding and churning out the leads for you (maybe it already has). The whole story of ecommerce incorporating social media is a substantial creation of business and value which cannot be undermined at any point in time.

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