What is your Marketing Recipe for Success this Valentine’s Day?

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, are you ready with your ecommerce marketing plans? This day is one of the biggest events in the retail calendar. And it has been observed that 32% of gifts are purchased online. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching it is important for your business to maximize this opportunity and expand your ecommerce marketing strategy. To attract customers to the website is an important task which requires planning the marketing strategies ahead. It should not be a last-minute campaign. Here is a list of Valentine’s Day Ecommerce Marketing Ingredients which will drive those extra revenues for your website:

Add a ‘Valentine’s Feel’ to your Online Shop

Valentine centric images can work wonders for you. There are so many competitors in today’s marketplace. The key for this Valentine’s Day ecommerce marketing strategy, though, is to be unique. Add Valentine’s Day flair to your company’s profile pictures and upload a photo or graphic that features hearts, red ribbons, or other Valentine-themed elements. Spread the love with heartfelt product descriptions, add some romance to your logo and decorate your site.

Hook Up With the Best Ecommerce Marketing Agency

One of the best ideas to approach customers is to hire a company which provides ecommerce marketing services. Doing this you can easily get access to the best designers, copywriters, and even list management professionals to make certain your message hits all of the right people at the perfect time. It’s a good way to increase your ROI quickly.

Convey Your Message by a Catchy Video

Nowadays promoting your site through an attractive Video has become one of the very popular methods for delivering the message. This ecommerce marketing idea works well and gives you the opportunity to “say more with less”. To gain more traffic at your site, you can also opt for a commercial video showcasing the products of the company.

Use of Social Media Marketing

In the last couple of years, social media has become the perfect medium for ecommerce marketing strategies. You should start informing customers about your products a month before Valentine’s Day. This will maximize the awareness of your products or limited time only special offers that you are launching. The online coverage you receive may lead to a boost in sales over the Valentines period.

ecommerce marketing strategy for Valentine's day

Relish the Moment by Offering Deals or Discounts

Running a sale during Valentine’s Day or offering some deals is the perfect ecommerce marketing strategy. It will show your customers that you love them and help you stand out from your competitors. For example, let’s say “Our Valentine’s gift for you” and it gives customers a 15% discount on all orders.

E-mail Marketing

Make sure that your email is visible and stands out. Promote the perfect gift idea, use attractive product images and remind your customers that the romantic day is just around the corner! Make your emails an eventful inbox. You can also deliver email marketing messages on weekends as people have more time on Saturdays and Sundays to plan their Valentine’s celebrations.

Use of Blog Posts to Drive Traffic

This is a great opportunity to share unique and romantic ideas to celebrate the valentine day and pop up on every sweetheart’s search engine results. Write blog posts with catchy titles and create landing pages for topics like “perfect gift idea for him and her” and “the best Valentine’s Day surprises.” This ecommerce marketing strategy is surely beneficial.

Consumer spending is on the rise and there are endless opportunities to capitalize on this Valentine Day with right ecommerce marketing strategies. So get started with your promotion plans today by using little creativity and nab the recognition you deserve in the season of love. Happy Marketing!

Image Courtesy: business2community.com