What’s your New vs Returning Customers Ratio?

Who doesn’t want his old clients returning on the site for another purchase? As we all know, it certainly takes less efforts and expenses than to bring in a new client. We will throw light on a few methods in this article to help you make your customers happy and satisfied to return to your site for new purchases. No, it doesn’t mean at all you will have to dedicate an entire campaign on client return!

A prospect can face many bad things while shopping from your online marketplace forcing him to leave your website and never visit it again, meaning you are not just losing one client but it can turn out be a bigger loss than it appears as every business runs or gets ruined with the publicity it gets. Always try avoiding any flaws in the functions of your business and check its usability to the client is completely satisfying.

Satisfied customer is an asset to one’s business.Use different tools that can keep you and your customers connected with each other, meaning not just emails but also instant messaging support & other communication tools. Everyone is keen on getting quicker response these days so one has to be alert with the mailing communication. If everything is in place from the very first purchase then this will help you serve your purpose of keeping your client happy and make him return to your site.

A customer returning to your site doesn’t ensure a sale rather you need to put in some efforts from your end to get that assurance. Maintaining a rapport with the client on Facebook/ Twitter, sending him promotional emails, offering discount coupons and loyalty bonuses can help to persuade the client for purchasing your product again.

One of the important aspects to be taken care of when it comes to satisfying your customer is providing good customer service. For providing better services, hire dedicated resources and train them to be polite and respectful with the customers. Also, make them aware of how they have to respond to the customers. Make your ecommerce marketing team aware about the importance of returning customer over the new one as this can increase sales/profit as well draw new customers, which is all that you need!