Why Internet Marketing May Prove to be a Game Changer?

Let me throw some facts before I even start discussing benefits of internet marketing. Alright, more than 50% of the internet users in the world have the habit of searching for a new product online. They even conduct their own little online surveys for that particular product. Almost the same number of people are going to check out these latest products via their smart phones only. Interestingly, majority of people have stopped responding to marketing emails and are getting increasingly distrustful of the useless and intrusive advertisements. The age group which has shown the most decline is of 10-17 year olds and the older target audience (30 and above) is also moving away from traditional email based marketing. Ironically, there has been a considerable spurt in blog reading/subscription by majority of internet users which emphasizes the fact that people trust blog (or a human, to be precise) more than your average marketing mails or advertisements.

So what do you understand from all these facts? Well, one thing we can conclude from these facts is that you can’t just have an aimless ecommerce marketing strategy for your business. And if you do not have an internet marketing strategy at all then it is a recipe for disaster. You will have to tread carefully and come up with a precise strategy for your business otherwise your business’ future looks bleak.

To make a long story short, internet marketing or IM or whatever you may like to call it, does have an edge over other traditional marketing methods, provided you use it diligently. With the ever changing landscape of ecommerce, you need to be on your toes to take advantage of the technology and stay on top of your competition. Opt for the right ecommerce marketing services for the actual development of your online business.

Let me tell you why you need a robust internet marketing strategy.

It is measurable: Google has changed the way online business is done. We must thank Google for coming up with such a wonderful tool called Google Analytics. This tool lets you measure your internet marketing efforts, click by click, literally! It can measure you success in terms of sales, lead generated and list of emails you have got. The best part is, it’s free of charge*(Google does charge for upgraded services). Gone are the days when you have to spend a fortune and yet remain confused about your end results.

It is inexpensive: As I told you earlier that Google Analytics is inexpensive and very accurate tool. Similarly, there are other marketing tools like Social Media, Pay Per Click Campaigns, Google Adwords which can be used more effectively and strategically than our age old traditional marketing tools. Baring the PPCs (Pay-per-click campaign) you can almost manage your entire social media marketing activities with very minimal investment. Nowadays, social media has become a force to reckon with. Similarly, you can use Google Adwords to place your brand on that elusive first page of Google and start smiling when you see a sudden rise in enquiries. But yes, as the name suggests you are required to spend some money.

It is effective: When it comes to being effective, internet marketing is the preferred choice to boost your brand. You must learn to leverage the popularity of videos. Today people consume visual data like never before. Some of the leading brands have come to understand this and they have used these media very effectively to engage with their audience. Take the example of this Turkish Airlines video, which already boasts of more than 100 million views! Now wouldn’t you like to have all those eye-balls glued to your brand? Thanks to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, you are no longer confined by your geographical boundaries. You can instantly and easily appeal to the global audience without much of an investment.

Convenience: The entire world works in different time zones. To reach your global audience, internet marketing is the only convenient tool which lets you provide your services and field customer queries 24X7. You don’t have to worry about long public holidays or union strikes to hamper your business. This is even more convenient from the customer’s point of view because now all they have to do is just click their way to your shopping cart.

Conclusion: World is increasingly becoming competitive. If you are in the ecommerce domain then you are pitted against some of the best players in the industry. Instead of sticking around with your traditional methods, you better start taking advantage of the latest online marketing services, tools and strategies. I am sure this blog would have given you a heads up regarding internet marketing. Feel free to share your views and counterviews in the comments section.