Your first 100 sales – Not that difficult!

Early days of any startup are definitely the toughest! You’ve a variety of outstanding products, a well-designed ecommerce store, an excellent marketing strategy and a passion to achieve success. Everything is in its place, but where are the customers?

Well, it’s difficult to have your first 10 customers and even more difficult to reach to a number of 100. But if a few things are kept in mind, reaching out to the first 100 customers becomes a cakewalk. Following are a few tips to help you out:

Ask your relatives to be your customers!

Start the search right from your home! Ask your family members, friends and some close relatives to buy from your online store. Wait! Why only close relatives? Instead ask everybody, every single person whom you know – your neighbors, colleagues, friends, your friends’ friends, distant relatives, maybe even your hair dresser and so on! There would be almost 100 people whom you know. And if your products are good, they would not hesitate a bit in recommending your website to their acquaintances. You just need to keep the ball rolling and once it’s a snowball, it grows by itself.

Benefit from meetings and gatherings

Usually social gatherings don’t have much to do with. You would have a lot of free time on hands which can be utilized wisely.

For example, your product is organic dog food. So take your own dog to such gatherings where others have also come along with their dogs. Feed this organic food product to all potential targets (the dogs) and if your product is good enough, their owners will take note and order it.

Dog food is just an example. Your line of business might be very different. But you can still think of showing-off your products to people at social or corporate gatherings.

Partner with another brand

Initially, you might have no customers at all. So find a brand that has a good customer base. Partner with them and their customers would be yours too. You don’t have to look for bigwig brands for partnership, rather find a brand which is just like yours but has a decent customer base (so that they get ready to associate with you). Bigwigs won’t associate with small not-so-well-known brands, small startup brands may do so.

Benefit from ultra-specific advertisements

One of the best ways to get those first few customers is advertisements which can be targeted to a specific group of people. Facebook is one of the best platforms to create such ads where you can target a specific age, region or gender or to people sharing specific interests.

Sell on ecommerce giants

You might have made a fool-proof SEO strategy and thought of listing your products on the web. But have you ever thought of major ecommerce players having a solid foothold in the market and the millions of customers who buy from them? If you sell your products on their marketplace, then your products will be watched by all of them. It would in turn, increase the chances of developing your customer base rapidly.

Of course, it is very crucial to win your first 100 customers, but if you tread on the right path, you can achieve it easily. Keep these tips handy!

Happy selling! All the best!